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We have an established company based in Atlanta, Georgia who needs several licensee now to do the following:

1. LEADS - Receive rental leads. We receive 30 - 50 a day. Help people rent properties, and in turn build a business out of referrals.

2. FOLLOW THE SYSTEM - Follow our assembly line system on each lead. Leads come in all over the metro area. Once your pipe line is built after 2 weeks, you will be mobile and working in the field and showing properties.

3. MINIMUM TOOLS - Must have GA Real estate license and transfer to this company, pay $55.00 a month for FMLS and GA MLS, join a Board of REALTOR, obtain lock box key. This is a 1099 position, and you can start earning $200 - $300 a day. Once you have the rental system down, we will assist you in developing listings and buyers. The ideal candidate has sales experience and can follow an assembly line system.

Agent will need to immediately enroll in the FMLS & GA MLS training, along with the e sign software classes. (ALL COMPLIMENTARY) 

4. WORK FROM HOME SYSTEM - This is a work from home system. Must have a hot spot, newer smart phone, lap top or tablet, home office area, and dependable transportation.  

5. NEXT STEP - If interested, send an e mail to with the following: Also, please visit and make sure you are coachable and can adhere to these habits.

A. first and last name

B. location you live in. (What part of town?) For example, "Lawrencville"

C. real estate license #

D. what you are doing now during the day

E. year and make of car. 

We do not need resume's and a lot of cover letter fluff.




Is time for you to make a decision and get active in the real estate business.

We have Full Time, Part Time, Full Service, Discounted Service and even companies that will let you affiliate and provide name and numbers. Whatever you want to achieve, we have a company for you. We even have a national company looking for auction executives and another company looking for Territory Leaders to start a discounted service division.

RECB are consultants to the industry and can match you to the right company that will meet your needs. We are paid by the company, not you and are head hunters for the real estate industry. Our system can help you maximize your returns with your career. Through experience, we know the ins and outs of the industry and can direct you to a company so you do not waste time. 

What is the next step for you? Read all you can about the industry, and click on "Next Step" and arrange a time to get together with a consultant. 

Additionally, if newly licensed, you will start to receive information from various real esate organizations via U.S. Mail regarding employment. Keep all of them in a file for future use, so you can take our information and compare it to your own.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to helping you with your real estate career. 

Joe Thomas - On Line Manager
Real Estate Career Builder
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