Why Real Estate

With the financial crisis starting in 2008, real estate careers have definitely peaked, bottomed out from both the agent and broker stand point, and now rising again.

So you may say, "Why do I want to be in the real estate business?"

Here are some reasons:

1. FLEXIBILITY - With most real estate organizations, you are an independent contractor and are  your own boss. One must be disciplined to be in this environment, but the opportunities and rewards are tremendous if you are a self starter.

2. FUN - Real estate is fun, and enjoyable. People always want to talk about real estate no matter what the market conditions are at the present time. Compare real estate to life insurance!

3. INCOME POTENTIAL - The more you work, the more money you will make. You will need to affiliate with a company who helps you maximize your time so you can concentrate on buyers and sellers. Most agents spend hours a week working on problems that generate no income.

4. WORK ANYWHERE - With technology, a licensee can work anywhere. Your home, a restaurant, a client's home, a car, etc. With the possibilities to work anywhere, your potential can be maximized. Very little income is generated sitting in an office.

5. SHORT LEARNING CURVE - Once you are active, it will take a good 3 - 6 months before  you are trained and feel confident to practice. This learning curve can be decreased significantly if you affiliate with a company to handle new people. The learning curve is there, but it will not last forever. Try being a Doctor, or lawyer. Compare the learning curves.

6. LOW BARRIERS OF ENTRY - To be active in the real estate business is about as low cost as you can get. You simply will need to obtain your state license, and affiliate with a company. A high school diploma, and about $500.00 is what you need to be in the real estate business.

7. OPPORTUNITY - There is a tremendous opportunity to "clean up" in the real estate business simply because people are getting out of the business. There will be more market share for you to obtain and earn. A few years ago, "everyone" had a real estate license. With the easy financing deals were being done all of the time and it was easy to work. Now, all of that is gone, and if you spend time mapping out a plan, you will capitalize on these trends.