Virtual vs Bricks and Mortar

There are many brokers who offer many compensation plans.

Do you need more structure, or are you a self starter?

1. BRICKS & MORTAR - Some brokers are what we call "9 - 5" real estate offices. There are the big offices with high over head and lots of staff. Most of these brokers have requirements for their sales people. For example, "All new associates will need to attend the sales meeting on Tuesdays from 1 - 2 PM.

2. VIRTUAL - Virtual offers the most flexibility. Where the licensee relies upon technology for his/her office. With lower over head costs, brokers can provide more flexibility to licensees.

Our prediction is the bricks and mortar offices will start to decline with technology becoming so in expensive. There are trade offs with both concepts, and before you affiliate with a firm, you will need to make a decision on the concept that fits your needs.