Niches / Specialization

The real estate business has many facets and divisions to specialize your efforts on. Residential, or commercial? New homes, or re sales?

Regardless, once you are active, you will need to decide what niche you want to be an expert in.

Some niches that may interest you are listed below:

1. FORECLOSURE - Specialize in all of the foreclosures in a certain market area.

2. FIRST TIME HOME BUYER - Learn the questions a first time home buyer may ask, and know ahead of time what they are thinking.

3. INVESTORS - These are buyers who have certain criteria and will always buy no matter what if their needs are met.

4. LISTING FARM - Become an expert in a neighborhood and represent home owners.

5. FORECLOSURE TOURS - Rent a bus, and drive buyers around to look at foreclosures in a specific market area.

6. RELOCATION BUYERS - Specialize in executive relocation. This could be a buyer who is moving from one city to another and needs help with the process.

7. NEW HOME SALES - Do you want to work for a builder, and sit in a model home and work buyers?

There are a few specializations you may want to consider.